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This is the first album from California based group Crown Town. Crown Town consists of Michael "Money Mike" Emerson and Cole "Equal Eye" McLean. Michael and Cole went to Coronado High School in San Diego and now live in Santa Barbara and San Francisco respectively. Recognize that this is an album created to respect the roots of where the artists come from, but at the same time demonstrates the new things that have been learned on the journey after leaving home. Peace to everyone who calls Coronado their home...


released May 13, 2011

Beat Production: OnQ

Mixed & Mastered - Mitch McCarthy -

Album Art: Ian Thackston



all rights reserved


Crown Town Coronado, California

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Track Name: Do What I Do
Verse 1 (Equal Eye)
Blazed on a Sunday, Thats the way it ought to be,
Living a life by the weed and yes the money bothers me,
im getting paid, but yet I may save for another day,
but i gotta live for now so Cali is where im gonna stay,
At least for now, what the future holds is hard to say,
So ill get my education and then take it all the way,
I really need to succeed ill proceed through my days,
and release praise to the days where the volume raised,
So come down, hear the sound bouncing through the town,
the sonic boom from the chronic fumes surrounding all around,
you may have heard of us the bay, raised above em all,
with lightning mics im striking through the frisco fog,
what you know about that, faced by the champions of the wooden bat,
takin everything that people say i shouldn't have,
and of course you know im spittin raps cuz im really good at that...

Chorus x2 (Money Mike)
I put one hand up in the sky, say i wish,
everybody in the world will love my shit,
but i dont really care if they do or they dont,
cuz imma do what i do and imma do it how i do it.

Verse 2 (Money Mike)
Imma be me. Bet that.
Trailblazers jersey n a red n white hat.
And even if the rap game money don't stack.
Imma do my thang. N spit flame on tracks.
Love my homies. Never ever fake cats.
Learned about snakes so I watch my back.
Yall spit dope? Well me. I spit crack.
N I always hit a cypher. Coz I really love rap.
RIP to the players way back.
West coast mayne ain't a thang over that.
But southern California be the place I stay at.
N I'm reppin san Diego til ya boy lay flat.
Swisher sweets broken. And my OE cracked.
Here's the weed n the Swisher girl. Roll me that.
Got love for me dog? Please show me that.
Or get the fuck up out my face. Witcha fake ass handshake.
Stand back. Make ya god damn hands clap.
Where my god damn fans at.
I don't really give a fuck if u feel it my dude.
Coz imma do Wat I do.
And do it how I do it.

Chorus x2 (Money Mike)
Track Name: Sometime Somewhere
Verse 1 (Money Mike)
I'm sittin on a plane, pilot doin thirty-five in the turnin lane,
101 South. n the kush steady burnin' mayne,
Rollin up trees gettin blown like a hurricane,
Known that I'm reppin SD. Ron Burgundy,

Verse 1 (Equal Eye)
sometime somewhere ill get what it is im lookin for,
take look back, flip that my ass is movin forward,
So for those who never heard of me just fuckin watch,
you could learn a thing or two of what your sight has lost, thats alot,

Verse 1 (Money Mike)
I'm bout to blow my mind like surgery, drop top dome,
And the dope boys know me coz I got off zones,
I'm chillin with pretty women, this is not my home,
but I love where I'm at. Much love to the O's,

Verse 1 (Equal Eye)
Fa Show! My life is like a meeting between diamonds and gold,
Try to find a home for my mind to grow, rhinestone shine,
with a twinkle in my rhyme to reflect the limelight,
i see what i create, i need to find my time to write,

Chorus (Equal Eye)
You better beware but never be scared,
were staying right here so things will seem fair,
whenever you dare to try compare,
were waiting right here sometime and somewhere,
you better beware but never be scared,
were staying right here so things will seem fair,
you gotta check yourself to even think that you could compare,
were taking over this music sometime and somewhere...

Verse 2 (Money Mike)
I'm on the California Coast, with a chick with rich folks,
Who don't mind that I give her the dick, and get ghost,
Coz she know, the only thing on my mind is get dough,
And she'll hit me on the cell the next time that she's alone,

Verse 2 (Equal Eye)
Im far too stoned to even think of running home,
taking my time to zone, while i come into my own,
personal perspective stretched when i get to roam,
and if you try to hit me up, your only getting dial tones...

Verse 2 (Money Mike)
Never hit me on my phone if you need a sack. Holla at my code name.
Already down? Then you already know the codes mayne.
Cocaine party, starrin' me and like fo' dames.
King of the Hill pushin fire. Propane.

Verse 2 (Equal Eye)
Blow for Show mayne, then ride like Clyde and Bonnie,
Looking for nice bodies like Bobby trying to fuck Connie,
try to stay calm see, i tend to get live,
with beats so nice, close my eyes im set to fly..

Chorus (Equal Eye)
You better beware but never be scared,
were staying right here so things will seem fair,
whenever you dare to try compare,
were waiting right here sometime and somewhere,
you better beware but never be scared,
were staying right here so things will seem fair,
you gotta check yourself to even think that you could compare,
were taking over this music sometime and somewhere...

Verse 3 (Money Mike)
I'm seein palm trees out the window, views of the coast line,
California Livin, and the women lookin so fine,
Bright green Indo. Bitches drinkin' cold wine,
Buck-twenty-five on the mic. And I blow by.
Hoes say my swag is a kite. Coz it's so fly.
Homies couldnt handle the white, but I sold mine.
Chillins where you find me at most time.
With a white girl, all in my face, like I blow lines.

Verse 3 (Equal Eye)
See im taking whats mine, not being known for wasting time,
You gotta be on top of your game to beat the patient mind,
im further down the line of the road that you designed,
which proves the sharpest bold, still is burning through Cole,
My mic flow filters like the melting snow,
My WILL will be done, let it be known,
Son you gotta study what the past history has shown,
and turn the old, into a sharp Crown Town Gold...
Track Name: Rain
Verse 1 (Equal Eye)
So many days appear to seem just like the one before,
i feel like im made to be the man no one can not ignore,
but yet they do, ive tried so many things, but many times ive had to quit,
these regrets can make a man inadequate,
its sad to sit and watch the world from the television screen,
high definition puttin my dreams right in front of me,
as if to tease and here i sit and complain alot,
as I lose my train of thought, caught, getting brain washed,
and let me be the first to admit that damn it hurts,
to try to be the greatest but i just never quite had it work,
experience or lack of it, shows i never had it worse,
barely stepped outside of Cali but seen most of Planet Earth,
its hard to win with Bi-Partisan,
many separated people, all men will never be created equal,
and thats my stress, my sweat reflects on this pain,
and as it condensates ill watch it come again, in the rain...

Chorus (Equal Eye & Money Mike)
Im At a loss between the precipitation and what im facing,
runnin from myself while the rain is steady chasin,
wishin for the sunrise hopin for a change now,
the deepest pain around, falls from a rain cloud,
watch below im taking hold of the sun,
to tear away the darkness that is plaguing everyone we take,
flight at night just ride with Mike and Cole,
rain or shine we're powered by the mind to bind a light and glow..

Verse 2 (Money Mike)
Hell Nah, I ain't picture perfect.
But I ain't worried, not a single person on this earth is.
And I am working on my flaws and my defects.
I'll keep working argued yall give me respect.
I'll keep drinkin, smoking bongs, til it ease stress.
Or til I'm out of forty ounces and I'm weedless.
I don't believe this. On some deep shit. Lemme tell yall.
That I dream so big it'll hurt if I fall.
And even if my album gets murdered by yall.
i know I put my heart in it. And gave it my all.
Trials and tribulations but I made it this far.
Should I buy another drink. And stay at this bar.
Should I.get back in the game. Or try and play it strait.
Should I ask you for your name or are you just a pretty face.
Are you really trynna love me is what I'm really trynna say.
Are you trynna get a room or are you trynna get away

Chorus (Equal Eye, Money Mike)
Track Name: Better Woman
Verse 1 (Money Mike)
I just need a minute of ya time, relax.
I aint buying you a drink, but we can smoke this sack,
So let's head to the back, talk about a little rendezvous,
just me and you, shorty whatchu trynna do?
She trynna slide to the condo with me and the crew.
She trynna bring a couple friends and a bottle or two.
i told her baby that's cool, we can ball all night,
But do ya all suck dick? And are ya swallowin too? Uh.
I don't really give a fuck about ya.
Let's be honest I'm just trynna get a nut up out ya.
And you just trynna get the same thang!
That's why u at the club and you dressed in Natheen Nada!
I don't give a fuck if you dipped in Prada.
Imma hit it all night, but I will not holla, tomorra.
Let's be honest, I don't know yo name.
Just know you better than the last, and you blew my brain, baby girl.

Chorus (Equal Eye)
You can say it over and over again,
but it wont change the fact that your not,
so get it out your head that you the hottest at the spot,

Chorus (Money Mike)
Your better than you? Your better than me?
fuck you who you tryin to fool,
stop playin girl.

Verse 2 (Equal Eye)
Whats the worth of a woman who tends to be acting pushy,
like my life aint as good as it should be,
if i get with you tell me what it could be,
turn another man victim to the power of the pussy,
many men casted under the spell, they rookies,
this hoe speaks like Bo Peep acting for the Woody,
Call her a matress actress giving her best per-Whore-mence,
no make-up, she's anything but gorgeous,
baby please you aint saving me from anything,
to tell the truth your worth even less than what a penny brings,
so many things,
tend to be changin throughout our time,
but fucking you to me, will remain forever as a crime,
Sorry but i got to tell you that your not a better woman,
and your couldn't get better unless you do what others wouldn't,
and you shouldn't be anything that your not,
so baby this aint working if thats really all you got..

Chorus (Equal Eye)
You can say it over and over again,
but it wont change the fact that your not,
so get it out your head that you the hottest at the spot,

Chorus (Money Mike)
Your better than you? Your better than me?
fuck you who you tryin to prove,
stop playin girl.
Track Name: In for the Kill
Verse 1 (Equal Eye)
In for the kill, god of war omnipotent deliverance,
a point of view for you to teach your children with,
had control of what you see, taking you to sadder scenes,
im out for the kill, break the soul, after death shatter dreams,
im on a madder team solemnly battling,
all of those who oppose our rule are in for a tragedy,
its really sad to me but im glad to be,
in for the kill committing needed assault and battery...

Verse 1 (Money Mike)
I'm comin for the kill from southern cali by the border,
I murder with my verses, other rappers gettin slaughtered.
You can't define a sentence in the presence of it's author.
N homie don't get it twisted, I can get you what you ordered.
I got it for the lowest I'm back in a hot second.
They should lock me up on charges of battery on the record.
Mad coz I disrespected, Amateur get the lesson.
The definition of Money Mike's stamina is perfection.

Samuel Jackson Ezekiel 25:17

Verse 2 (Money Mike)
Ayo, my game dont stop wether baggin up rocks,
or I'm in my man Ray's whip. Bangin that Pac.
Imma blow ya fuckin mind til ya brain'll go pop.
In a freestyle cypher. Droppin bangers off top.
Roll up at ya spot off a eighth and two vodkas.
Swagger on sick so I'm seein a new doctor.
My homie and his bitch listenin to who shot ya.
My swags the real deal. Your swag is an imposter.

Verse 2 (Equal Eye)
The crack in the glass acted as a symbol,
to the active shield to my reacting fist full,
of potential to end the pencil to your mental,
draw the true picture of life remove your stencil,
your sentimental to the fact that i have your ass,
realize im more important than the knowledge grabbed in class,
stack it fast in a mass, too much for you,
we the two causing futures in which you wish were true...

Samuel Jackson Ezekiel 25:17

Verse 3 (Equal Eye)
Im telling you to be easy i know your tryin to seise me,
trying to be me evenly but we aint here equally,
rhymin evilly i told you im in for the kill,
a needle sees like me, i perceive your veins and arteries,
man its hard to be a carnivore armed with more,
artillery and power than when all the stars were formed,
the true definition of adrenaline to kill again,
arm your cavalry my friend the kill is in..

Verse 3 (Money Mike)
Imma be down til the minute that they put me six deep.
I could never be a snitch. When i'm pinched I don't speak.
Fiends gettin high to the crack my lips speak.
Relax. Get on that Toni Braxton and just Breathe.
Fuck with the impecable? U barely just respectable.
Don't need to take a second bro. You need to take three.
I'm ridin til the death. And you can put that on my neck.
You'll get wrecked if you a challenger tryin to diss me.
Track Name: Bluebird Radio Vol. 1
Honest Mic-Ologist demolishes a lot of fists,
hip hop obvious college kids never stay anonymous,
destined to blow like so many egos we hold,
coming up under the mind state of always needing mo,
and im losing patience from patiently waiting anxious,
a man can get dangerous when hes made to take shit,
for heaven sakes kid, take it easy on the beat breakin,
fakin if i said music aint being created,
and its a beautiful thing, be glad you got to witness it,
this spirit lives with more blissfulness than eighty Christmases,
I rap facts while i laugh at the fictitious,
while the weak minded feed thinking its delicious,
Instrumental mentals with no guidance through the silence,
its timeless to think of solving all your problems with some violence,
liars lie while the inspired die trying to find,
the point inside minds to bring us to our prime and im,
the optimus primest, optically the finest,
seeing the signs are signless when pointed to what divine is rhyme is,
exactly this, im practicing as the axis spins,
acting as if rap is the action for tackling sins,
forget the bible its vital to coincide with Cole,
exponential time is full i pull to my black hole,
even the soul cant fight the suction inducted,
sorry you trusted the mistrusted with something not to fuck with...
Track Name: Come Back to Me
Verse 1 (Money Mike)
All I need is a minute, to think about my life,
Look around for a second, how I'm livin isn't right.
Trynna live the life. Not just a livin.
But always make decisions that could wind me up in prison.
I'm as high as I can get, and I'm about to move a zip.
I'm bout to make a move n try and holler at a bitch.
I'm trynna get my life right soon but right now.
California Chronic got my head up in the clouds.
So get loud in the front row, smoke in the back.
Pass the swisher to the left and leave your soul on a track.
Right now I'm in the living room, breaking down a rock.
But in a year or two I promise, you gon see me at the top.
They gon mention me with Pac, I got this, I promise you.
The way I paint a picture with my thoughts, phenomenal.
In fact, I need an Indo Sack, to just fade out.
Coz stressin bout my money and my bitch is gettin played out

Chorus x2 (Equal Eye)
New things to see it seems to an MC,
to come to be that which you envy,
leave the past behind and live happily,
livin now cuz the present isn't comin back to me

Verse 2 (Equal Eye)
Man i try to show you, but you dont get the point,
you dont see why we do this stoned from a joint,
cuz we can thats what this freedom unhands,
the confidence to rise and overcome among lands,
Speak to my grandkids, tales when i taught man,
to catch a dream, whether in hard or soft sand,
try to speak those deep flows for the people,
make it equal but thats a gamble, Pete Rose,
While i steep low im way above the ground,
risen from the soil showin you the underground sound,
takin up the sun all the energy is into this,
watch the rhyme if wished to witness photosynthesis,
submit to bliss, this is it it sticks like acidic itch,
the futures like the sun rays dont look into it,
this shit is committing sin, my mic is on listen in,
im like you, tryin to find where my position is..

Chorus x2 (Money Mike)

Verse 3 (Money Mike)
Roll another swisher up and grab another drink,
Imma do what im inspired to inspire what you think,
grab the shorty that you came wit, leave with the same chick,
You wont find a rapper on the same shit,
let me see inside your brain girl, see if you the same girl,
Im meetin every dream, a super model who can change worlds,
Im thinkin big picture but my problems close up,
tell your friends about my music cuz im trynna blow up,

Verse 3 (Equal Eye)
yea we will show you how two can glow through,
individual collaboration watch the showroom,
on my own two feet ready to sink deep,
yea aspiration and complete ready to link me,
raised without rage but this heres a new page,
this beats released its adhesive on this glued cage,
my crews changed here to learn new things,
two decades weighted upon a shoe string...

Chorus x1 (Equal Eye, Money Mike)
Track Name: Miss You
Verse 1 (Money Mike)
Lookin through my cell phone just the other day.
And realised we aint talked since the day you went away.
Is this even still ya number? Is ya crib still where you stay?
Do you think about the nights that I would take you on a date.
I know it's been a minute, but I think that I should text.
See if you still lay awake and think about the sex.
Coz i know I can't forget. And though I don't live with regrets.
I kinda wish I never started all the reasons that you left.
So you got a new man, do yall even hold hands?
Are you really interested, is it really romance?
Even though you don't dance, are you hittin the clubs?
Do you still fuck with thugs who make they money sellin drugs?
Could I maybe interest you in a lunch maybe a dinner?
Could I interest you in fuckin with a winner?
Every single day, ever since I went away,
I'm lookin at my cell phone wishin that we were together.

Verse 2 (Money Mike)
Girl, Im goin outta my mind. Im reminiscin.
How we used to drink coronas and lime. Up in the kitchen.
Dont worry bout the fussin and bitchin, push it aside.
Just tell me all of the reasons you cry, and imma listen.
5'5", Brown Eyes, divine composition.
Always keepin shorty up in my mind, despite the riffin.
What we have now, is not what we had, but somethin different.
Holding onto everythign in the past. Why we splittin.
She'll cook clean errthang. Dont smoke mary jane.
Little things about her got me thinkin' bout a wedding ring.
Cocaine dream. My dope game queen.
Everyhting in my life, is not as simple as it seems.
I just wanna let you know, I'm thinkin about you.
Rubbin on my body and your touchin my tattoos.
Baby if theres only one thing that I can do.
I just wanna let you know that I love youuu.
Track Name: Chain Link Ft. Prime Minister
Chorus x2 (Prime Minister)
What would dem think,
none of them can come stop the chain link,
the boat we sail on you know it cant sink,
the pen i use will never run out of ink,
watch the link

Verse 1 (Equal Eye)
Tell me who denies to unify, an idea so basic,
watch the chain link this shit is sacred,
Break it the chain you sir must be mistaken,
the man who walks alone has all of his time wasted,
Aint it a shame to the people who aint patient,
fightin and chasin himself while my people are awaitin,
for the missing link thats right we all are facing,
all of the issues your keepin in in a conversation,
hatred, so many seem to be portrayin it,
lookin in the mirror ashamed when the day begins,
it must be painful, up at home thinkin,
what man can achieve, what we do! when the chains linkin,
breakin barriers to open spaces,
hopin to probe an oasis,
lost in time with no kind of trace we're faced with,
the pressure amounted before the big bang,
we just need to link a change to see new things,

Chorus x2 (Prime Minister)

Verse 2 (Equal Eye)
You gotta connect to break the neck of what it is that segregates,
the heart and body enabling all this head way,
you seem to take wasting time with some kind of a passion,
preaching revolution but then showing no sign of an action,
like an opportunity openly opened right in front of you,
hopin for a moment to run, but run from who?,
only from the one whose afraid to seise his destiny,
stranding yourself through taking all your time to try impressing me,
this lesson is testing the best in what reflects in you,
respect the kind of man that relieves you of what you have to prove,
cuz in the eyes of the chain remains infinity to gain,
a life without livin within someone elses fame,
link the chain and if you dont you got yourself to blame,
i know were different but in a sense that makes all the same,
so accept the differences of us these everyday citizens so self intimate they forget that lifes a gift to them..
Track Name: Take Me Back Ft. Nicky Dre
Verse 1 (Money mike)
Check hunny over there in the black,
I mean the girl with the long blonde hair, standin way in the back.
Dog i steady play a patient attack,
But when I'm headed to the crib, u know that I'm takin her back.

Verse 1 (Equal Eye)
Damn that look in your eye is leaving me hopeless,
walking over to me, your seising all my focus,
taking only a second to see you need to come with me,
i hope you don't mind getting home between 1 and 3,

Verse 1 (Money Mike)
Lil mama, you should gimme a text,
Lemme know if you and ya man's sex life isn't the best

Verse 1 (Equal Eye)
Unless you the wrong one gonna be leaving me stressed,
A.D.Bs leaving me with only Smirnoff breath,

Verse 1 (Money Mike)
I speak game fluent, you lames leak fluid.
She noticed ya boy style n she came right to it.

Verse 1 (Equal Eye)
Yea you knew it its true, the girl's steady losing yet,
but did she fall for me? or did she fall for the music?

Chorus (Nicky Dre)
Ooo Baby, i want you so bad,
I can't wait for you,
to fucking take me back,
Kiss my body,
Making me sweat,
Hump it, grab it, squeeze it, lick it, making me wet

Verse 2 (Equal Eye)
The blunts and booty, the coochie and green move me,
put them both together and see what we see usually,
keep it groovy as we do the show, rock the back to the front,
what have happens roll with us your having fun...

Verse 2 (Money Mike)
How you feel about smokin a blunt, you hella sexy,
and I really aint tryin to fuck, but you should let me,
Now you really got me tryin to cut, you comin with me?
She said "Hold on Baby, lemme get my stuff"

Verse 2 (Equal Eye)
Her sexy was better than i ever imagined,
in minutes she was mine now i never have it in ration,
she loving me im loving her, yea now we in action,
she's doin me right tonight without me even askin...

Verse 2 (Money Mike)
Headed back to the crib trynna fire the Dies,
I'm in the do five minutes, shorty all on her knees,
We left at 12:30, didn't finish til 3:00.
And that's how it ought to be.

Chorus (Nicky Dre)
Track Name: Bluebird Radio Vol. 2
Verse 1 (Money Mike)
Take notice of the rhymes i spoke.
Coz i dont flow em or quote em too much baby, coz i grind that Dope.
Ayo, its all for the cash, quick fast thats it.
And homie no, it aint the grapes from the vines I smoke. Homie.
Riddle me that, you critically blown past.
Missin the competition, physically don't match,
I physically flow gas, and lyrically flow hash.
Get a lighter and ignite it. You lookin for your match.
Say it like that, Imma say it right back,
I'm killin these muthafuckas who steppin in my path.
I'm the criminal rhyme ripper, the ten-outta-nine.
Listen to every rhyme, and tell you every line sicker,
that every line, I'm gettin better with time.
Trynna hear my two cents? Gimme a dime.
I gets money, cash, feddi n guap, n rhyme ill.
And I don't give a fuck who told youthat your better.
You NOT.
Track Name: T.R.U.E
Chorus (Equal Eye, Money Mike)

Money Mike: Sup man?
Equal Eye: Sup
Money Mike: What you doin?
Equal Eye: Just chillin
Money Mike: I aint seen you in a while
Equal Eye: I aint seen you in a minute
Money Mike: True homies never trippin dogg you know im never trippin,
if you ridin with me now you better ride until the finish,
Equal Eye: Sup man?
Money Mike: Sup?
Equal Eye: What you doin?
Money Mike: Just chillin
Equal Eye: I aint seen you in a while
Money Mike: I aint seen you in a minute
Equal Eye: True, but i aint trippin how you livin?
Money Mike: Cool, what we gonna do?
Equal Eye: We chillin by the pool sippin brews as we're reminiscing

Verse 1 (Money Mike)
I wrote this song for my homies yall stand up,
I wanna see you dancing so put your hands up,
A true friend til the end gonna stand tough,
heres a toast to my doggs, make glass touch,
heres to livin where ive lived,
i only got a few true friends and they know what it is,
Im talkin throwback shit, blue nikes,
or me and Fatty Dank smokin weed up in my old ass whip
(Equal Eye) O that whip?
Hell yea man, remember when i crashed that shit?
or at that party when i had that bitch?
(Equal Eye) Up at the spot?
Hell yea somebodies parents was gone,
my man Greg was in the bathroom hittin a bong,
my man curtis and a bitch was probably gettin it on,
(Equal Eye) Naw he went to get some E&J,
Its about to be on!
so let your hands clap,
when the snare hit,
cuz yall the reason that i keep my head up where the air is,

Chorus (Equal Eye, Money Mike)

Second Verse (Equal Eye)
What can I say about my homies down the way,
maybe just how they help make me what I am today,
All the days we spent living in a bubble steady shrinking,
watching all the time pass without even thinkin,
that the class of 08 would ever separate,
but shit we all realized that was the only fate,
Nowadays these kids can only reminisce about their time,
on the island runnin from the sirens,
hopin that I win cuz sometimes on that field i was dying,
lying if i said Cade never almost had us crying,
But damn, makin championships insists the most feelins,
history flipped to me by the man Coach Dillon,
But anyways this song is played to recognize the days,
of when the homies and me were chillin at El Chico Lane,
you know who you are these days i know were far apart,
but dont forget these moments, that times that made us who we are...

Chorus (Equal Eye, Money Mike)
Track Name: I Know That I Love You
Verse 1 (Equal Eye)
I have so much love for you sometimes ive faced my heart itself,
And seen your face within this space for you to live inside myself,
cuz as i enter you something big happens inside of me,
the connection between you and me, my best reality,
tell me who has ever seen eyes thighs this good,
i try to speak your beauty but im left just wishing that i could,
because its hard to re create the picture of perfection,
but in my words i try to teach your beauty as lesson,
because every man throughout the world should see your qualities,
but is it selfish to be wishing for this jealousy of me,
whatever though i dont care, just let me run my fingers through your hair,
and look into your eyes and lose myself within your stare,
and all i want is for you to see you make me happy,
i hope to return this truth and make it everlasting,
killing myself inside for fights i wasnt proud to start,
ive recognized your my love, my souls counterpart...

Verse 2 (Equal Eye)
I know that I love you and this is just another fact,
you bring the heat into my winter bringing summer back,
and the sex is dope, its because of how close we get,
the sex is dirty but yet, it feels so appropriate,
sometimes im closed minded, but for you ill open up,
and ill see that love can be everything i hoped it was,
man nowadays every other lady aint enough,
and when i see you standing there i go to lust for my greatest love,
ive given you that kind of power, blossomed flower,
the peak of gorgeous is absorbed with a late night shower,
the hours pass fast each minute that your in my grasp,
its just depressing knowing that these moments will soon be in the past,
the blast yea all of the explosions that we had,
and we could never take them back whether good or bad,
and nothing could make me feel worse than when your sad,
so Ill try to make your time with me the best you'll ever have..
Track Name: The Good Die Young
Verse 1 (Money Mike)
The whole worlds got me livin' stressed.
I'm trynna pay the rent and now I'm gettin different texts.
From me ex. Curse words. Hella different threats.
She say she never really love me wish we never met.
The reason that I gotta go and find a new connect.
Is coz my home boy decided that he needed death.
More than he needed life.
How is closing up your eyes how you see the light?
Nobody listens when I speak. So I need to write.
I need that green marijuana and I need a pipe.
Because without it mayne I couldn't even sleep at night.
I've said I'm sorry to my Mama, need her in my life.
And yes I do respect my father and I see he's right.
I'm happy that I'm still in college my degree in sight.
Cleanin' up my act, but homie I can plug a key of white.
I write the kinda music frankly you don't need to like.
Real muthafuckaz know real. N they see its tight..

Chorus x2 (Money Mike)
While I'm pushin through the pain and the struggle and the rain,
And believe me man it's cold outside.
Imma go soon, cause the good die young.
So believe Imma live my life.

Verse 2 (Money Mike)
Sometimes I wonder, are they really lookin down.
And what would they be thinkin of the shit I'm doin now.
There's a reason that I'm rollin round reckless.
No gold watch, aint no diamonds or no necklace.
Jewelery cost homie, Diamonds is expensive.
The thing about life you only get what you invested.
That's why I'm pushin' through the pain and the sturggle and the rain.
Trynna figure why it's cold outside.
But all I ever find is my homie with a needle in his arm. N he can't get high.
So I tell him, Imma take you home, dont worry bout nothin.
But I tell by the look in his eye.
That it's way too late, cause the good die young, and I know it, but still I try.
And I still get hihgh for th lows that I know still comin.
Been runnin, Time to live my Life.

Chorus x2 (Money Mike)
Track Name: Heaven
Verse 1 (Equal Eye)
Subtly becoming the epitome of divinity,
livin liberty i successfully get rid of the,
negativity that gives into the epiphany of stupidity,
I'm bursting energy i steadily pop the lid to the,
kid in me, I have the ability of heavenly facilities,
rhymin with infinite agility,
its really silly to me, usually they billin me,
but for this song they're being really ill to me,
no king to be ruler of me im really feelin free,
im sorta on a nirvana, rhyming spectacularly,
standing adjacently to radiant seas,
enjoy the scenery for this ive been waiting patiently,
what can you say to me to even play to be,
takin me outta here, im remaining stationary,
situation never hairy no place compares to me,
the only place where there is no needed therapy,

Verse 2 (Money Mike)
Hey yo whats heaven to you,
i dont like it below 72,
when the sun is always shinin and the sky is hella blue,
My girls in a summer dress and im in a suit,
i got the purple so purple too good to be true,

Verse 2 (Equal Eye)
Catching those sun rays chillin where the sun plays,
this rap a track we're number one on the runway,
showin how our heaven sees remember me,
the one puttin an end to the fucking beat,

Verse 2 (Money Mike)
Plain T's and blue jeans my swagger too mean,
having breakfast at the pancake house in Eugene,
aint nobody after MJ ever 2-3,
I aint worried bout my money so i never lose sleep,

Verse 2 (Equal Eye)
No narcolepsy, dont start shit with me,
in here im deadly like a Charles Barkley 3,
Im an artist you see who eventually,
revived his own career ending injuries

Verse 3 (Money Mike)
imagine for a second if you will with me,
Let DJ rewind the record baby and just chill with me,
Imagine every dime piece is trynna pop a pill with me,
even up in heaven though the fire grams are still fifty,
i got my girl ridin shotty, got my license back,
as we listen to 2Pac, all eyes on my stack,
my cheddar through the roof now im rhymin with a new style,
i already live in heaven i dont need to look back,
every girl is beautiful and down to earth too,
phat asses and a perfect amount of perfume,
the love that i roll with a pound of purp too,
and they linin up to see me like my name was New Moon,
the homies from the league is tryin to shoot hoops,
i got Dwight to dunk on and Nash to throw oops,
the weathers in the eighties, i purchased a mercedes,
and my homies rollin blunts and im trynna smoke too!